SalesMachineX Support

What is the Customer Portal?

What are the different user types in SalesMachineX?

How to create an external user for the Customer Portal?

Cannot send documents in email client on iPad

Seeing Incorrect Stock on iPad?

Cannot create order on iPad: 'Oops!, please select a customer first!!'

Missing Collections in the Catalogue?

Not all lines are showing on an order in NAV

Some items are not visible when creating an order

How to Sync or Reset the app and what happens when you do?

How to reset a user password?

Add Images to an Item

Setting up Multi User Access

The app crashes or will not connect on start

The app gets stuck during a sync

Force sync a document

Customer Portal - Order placed by user but has not been received on your side


<aside> 💡 Remember to sync as often as you can while online. The more you sync, the quicker it will be. Syncing will also ensure the office has your newest data. How to sync.